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Lectures & Conferences

University or Laboratory Colloquia (does not include seminars)

Harvard University 1983

California Institute of Technology 1984

Stanford University 1984

U. Mass Amherst 1984

MIT 1984

Institute for Theoretical Physics-UCSB 1984

SLAC 1985

U.C. Santa Barbara 1985

CITA-Toronto 1985


DAO-Victoria 1985

University of Chicago 1985

Brookhaven Laboratory 1986

New York University 1987

Stanford University 1987

University of Illinois 1987

Brown University 1987

University of Chicago 1987

MIT 1987

Ecole Polytechnique 1988

LBL 1988

Arizona, 1988

U.C. Irvine,1988

Michigan 1989

Institute d’Astrophys., Paris 1989

Cincinatti 1989

McGill 1990

William and Mary 1990

Brigham Young University 1991

City College of New York 1991

Yale University 1991

Queen’s University 1991

University of Cincinnati 1991

University of British Columbia 1992

ATT 1992

University of Florida 1992

NIST 1992

Case Western Reserve 1992

Naval Research Lab 1993

NYU 1993

NASA-Goddard 1994

Institute for Advanced Study 1994

Case Western Reserve 1995

Chinese University of Hong Kong 1995

Harvard University 1995

Ohio State University 1996

U.C. Riverside 1996

University of British Columbia 1996

Simon Fraser University 1996

University of Maryland 1996

University of Minnesota 1996

Caltech 1996

CERN 1997

ETH 1997

U.T. Austin 1997

CERN 1997

Cal. State Long Beach 1997

CWRU 1997

University of Akron 1998

University of Kentucky 1998

Directors Colloquia, LANL 1998

Purdue University 1998

Johns Hopkins University 1998

University of New Mexico 1998

NIST 1998

ICTP Trieste 1998

CWRU 1998

Catholic University of America 1998

Washington U., St.Louis 1999

Penn State University 1999

Univesity of Montreal 1999

M.I.T. 1999

Aspen Center for Physics 1999

Notre Dame 1999

Dartmouth 1999

Kansas State 1999

University of Kansas 1999

Caltech 2000

Stanford 2000

U.C. San Diego 2000

Michigan State University 2000

U. C. Berkeley 2000

Wayne State University 2000

Indiana University 2000

University of Arkansas 2000

Fermi National Accelerator Lab 2000

University of Il., Urbana 2000

Xerox PARC Research Center 2000

University of Akron 2000

Syracuse University 2001

Lawrence Berkeley Lab. 2001

University of Rochester 2001

University of Texas Austin 2002

Cornell University2002

Vanderbilt University 2002

University of British Columbia 2002

KITP, Santa Barbara, 2002

NYU 2003

Clark University, 2003

UNC 2004

Washington University 2004

Upsalla University 2004

Stockholm University 2004

University of Virginia, 2005

McMaster University 2005

Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2005

Stanford University 2005

Wittenberg College 2005

University of Chicago 2005

IBM Yorktown Heights 2005

Rockefeller University 2005

Institute for Advanced Study 2005

Kent State, 2005

Columbia University 2006

Harvard University 2006

Case Western Reserve University 2006

Vanderbilt University 2006

University of Kansas 2007

Allegheny College, 2007

U.C. Berkeley, 2007

Physical Review, APS 2007

McGill University, 2007

University of Arkansas 2008

University of Michigan 2008

Old Dominion University, 2008

Michigan State University 2008

University of Zurich 2008

Arizona State University 2008

University of Arizona 2009

Case Western Reserve University 2009

University of Texas 2009

Space Telescope Science Institute 2009

University of Auckland, 2010

University of Melbourne 2010

NASA Goddard 2010

Australian National University 2010

Max Planck Inst. Hanover 2010

Inst. Math Phys. Of Universe, U. Tokyo 2010

Institute for Advanced study 2011

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 2011

University of Otago, 2011

University of California, San Diego, 2011

CERN 2011

University of Melbourne, 2011

Australia National University, 2011

Mount Stromlo 2011

CERN 2011

Macquarie University 2012

Columbia 2012

UCSB 2012

Williams College 2013

Gran Sasso Laboratory 2013

Yale University 2013

University of Manchester 2013

Harvard 2016

Santa Fe Institute 2017

KICP 2017

Conferences - Invited Lectures

3M Lecture series- Carleton College 1982

Western Theoretical Conference 1982

Neutrino 1984

EST Meeting 1984

Telemark Neutrino Conference 1984

Yale Theoretical Advanced Study Institute in Elementary Particle Physics, 1985

Moriond 1986

Fermilab Beam Dump Workshop 1986

Seventh Vanderbilt High Energy Physics Conference 1986

International Conference on High Energy Physics (2 lectures), U.C. Berkeley 1986

Opening Lecture, Rencontres de Moriond, 1987

AAAS Annual Meeting, Boston 1988

Rencontres de Moriond, 1988 (2 lectures)

APS Baltimore Meeting 1988

Plenary Lecture-APS/AAPT New England Meeting 1988

Plenary Lecture, Neutrino 1988

MIT Conference on Gravitational Lenses, 1988

Yale Workshop on Cosmic Strings 1988

Plenary Lecture, Berkeley Conference on Particle Astrophysics, 1988

Aspen Winter Conference 1989

Rencontres de Moriond, 1989 (2 lectures)

APS Baltimore Meeting 1989

Plenary Lecture,French Physical Society 1989

Moriond 1990 (2 lectures)

Wisconsin Phenomenology Conference 1990

IUPAP Conference, Tokyo 1990

APS New England Meeting, 1990

After the First Three Minutes, Maryland 1990

International Conference On Trends in Particle Astrophysics 1990

APS New England Meeting, 1991

XIV International Warsaw Meeting on Elementary Particle Physics 1991

2nd International Conference on Theoretical and Phenomenological Aspects of Underground Physics, Toledo 1991

Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics 1992

Symposium on Black Holes Strings, Wormholes, 1992

Florida Workshop on Dark Matter, 1992

Franklin Symposium on Neutrino Physics 1992

IVth Rencontre de Blois: Particle Astrophysics, Plenary Lecture, 1992

Plenary Lecture, International Conference on Particle Physics, Dallas 1992

International Conference on Neutrino Astrophysics, Takayama Japan 1992

Moriond meeting on Atomic, Gravitational and New Physics 1993

International Workshop on Neutrino Telescopes, Venice 1993

Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee dAoste, La Thuile, 1993

Opening Lecture, Moriond Meeting on Electroweak Interactions 1993

Twelfth International Workshop on Weak Interactions, Seoul 1993

International Conference on Particle Astrophysics, Bangalore 1994

Nordic Winter School on Particle Physics, Norway 1994

U.C.L.A. Conference on Critiques of Sources of Dark Matter, UCLA 1994

INT Meeting on Solar Modelling and Solar Neutrinos, Seattle, 1994

Snowmass Workshop on Particle Astrophysics 1994

Trends in Particle Astrophysics, Stockholm 1994

Polish Workshop on Particle Physics: From the Weak Scale to the Planck Scale 1994

ITP Santa Barbara, Clustering and Cosmic Microwave Workshop 1995

Keynote Speaker, Ohio Section, American Assoc. of Physics Teachers 1995

KeyNote Speaker, National Teacher Training Insitute, 1995

Teacher Resource Workshop -Am. Ass. of Phys. Teachers Nat. Meeting-Spokane 1995

Rencontre du Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Oct 1995

Plenary Speaker, Pan Asian Conference on Cosmology, 1996

International Conference on Sources and Detection of Dark Matter, UCLA 1996

Keynote Speaker, Ohio Section, American Physical Society, 1996

Plenary Speaker, International Workshop on Neutrino Telescopes, Venice 1996

Plenary Speaker, Dark Matter, Sheffield U.K. 1996

Keynote Speaker, Ohio Aerospace Institute Professional Conference 1996

American Association of Physics Teachers/Long Island Physics Teachers Conference, Brookhaven, 1996

La Thuile, Rencontre de Physics, 1997

Napoli Thinkshop on Astrophysics: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, 1997

Rome Conference on the Future of the Standard Model, 1997

San Minateo Conference: The Irresistable Rise of the Standard Model, 1997

Edoardo Amaldi Meeting on Gravitational Waves, CERN 1997

Nasa Lewis Meeting: Breakthrough Propulsion 1997

DOE, Office of Energy Research, Science Themes and Strategic Planning 1998

International Conference on Sources and Detection of Dark Matter, UCLA 1998

Space Policy Institute: Plenary Lecturer, Symposium on Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life, George Washington University, March 1998

PASCOS 1998, Plenary Lecture,Boston, March 1998

Keynote Speaker, APS-AAPT Educator Workshop, Columbus, April1998

Plenary Speaker, Tropical Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology, San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 1998

Henry Steel Lecture, Mid-American Orthopedic Assn, Acapulco, April 1998

Plenary Lecturer, WEIN98, International Conference on Physics Beyond the Standard Model, Santa Fe, June 1998

Keynote Address, Fermilab Annual Users Meeting, Aug 1998

Plenary Speaker, International Workshop on Dark Matter, Buxton England Sept. 1998

Conference on Relic Neutrinos, TriesteSept.1998

NASA Space Exploration Planning Meeting, Lewis Research Center, Sept 1998

Pritzker Symposium and Workshop on Inflationary Cosmology, Chicago Feb 1999

Gordon Conference, Nuclear Chemistry, Keynote lecture, June 1999

Aspen Center for Physics Workshop on the Cosmological Constant June 1999

Plenary Opening Lecture, Am. Assoc. of Physics Teachers Nat. Meeting, San Antonio, TX, Aug 1999

Lecture, Workshop on Physics of the Early Universe, Newton Institute, Sept 1999

Plenary Lecture, Cosmo 99, ICTP, Trieste, Italy Sept 1999

Plenary Lecture, News from the Universe Meeting, DESY Oct 1999

Chairman and Speaker, National Academy of Sciences Frontiers of Science Meeting, Beckman Center, Irvine CA Nov 1999

British Particle Physics Association/Royal Astronomical Society Annual Conference, Edinburgh April 2000.

National Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting, April 2000

Kallen Memorial Symposium, Lund Sweden, May 2000

WIPP Underground Physics Workshop, June 2000

Problems of Vacuum Energy, Nordita, Copenhagen, Aug 2000

Science in the 21st Century,Brijuni, Croatia, Aug 2000

Opening Lecture, Third International Workshop on the Detection of Dark Matter, York UK Sept 2000

The Far Future of the Universe, The Vatican, Nov 2000

Invited Lecture, MRI International Meeting, Cleveland OH Feb 2001.

Plenary Lecture, Int. Conference on Neutrino Telescopes, Venice, March 2001

National Academies Symposium on Physics, Washington, June 2001

TASI Summer School, Boulder Co. , June 2001

Plenary Lecturer, Cottrell Scholars Workshop, Tucson, July 13-15, 2001

National Research Council and American Physical Society, “Grand Challenges for the 21st Century, U.S. House of Representatives, July 25 2001

Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics, St. Andrews, Scotland, Aug 2001

Opening Lecture, COSMO 2001, International Meeting on Particle Physics and the Early Universe, Finland, Aug 2001

Workshop on Cosmological Probes of Dark Energy, Chicago, Dec 2001

Plenary lecture ESO-CERN-ESA Symposium on Astronomy, Cosmology and Fundamental Physics, Munich, March 2002

Plenary Lecture, APS Ohio Section Meeting, Youngstown, OH April 2002

Plenary Lecture, Canadian Association of Physicists Annual meeting, Quebec City, June 2002

Featured Speaker, Gordon Research Conference on Organic Reactions, Bristol RI July 2002

Plenary Lecture, Portuguese Physical Society, Lisbon, Sept 2002

Institute for Theoretical Physics Workshop on Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Sept.-Nov. 2002

Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara Teachers Workshop on Cosmology, Oct 2002

Lecturer, Canary Islands Winter School in Astrophysics, November 2002

Invited Plenary Lecture, “From Here to Eternity” Conference in honor of J. Silk’s 60’th Birthday, Oxford University, December 2002.

Invited Topical Lecturer, AAAS Annual Meeting, Denver Feb 2003

Plenary Lecture, Physical Cosmology ’03, Blois, France June 2003

Plenary Lecture, Respect for All Involved: A National Symposium on Research Integrity, Columbia University, CUNY, New York, Sept, 2003

Opening Lecture, CERCA conference on the Future of Cosmology, Oct 2003, Cleveland OH

Great Lakes Planetarium Assoc Plenary Lecture, Oct 2003, Cleveland

Sources and Detection of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe, UCLA, Feb 2004.

American Physical Society Meeting, April 2004

Aspen Institute and Aspen Center for Physics Einstein Celebration, Aug 2004

COSMO ’04, Toronto, Canada, Sept. 2004

Evolution and God Symposium, Clevleand 2004

CERCA, Science and Society Symposium Cleveland 2004

World Congress of Science Producers, Toronto Canada, Nov. 2004

Aspen Center for Physics Winter Meeting, Feb. 2005

Seventh Symposium, Internacional Physica, Mexico, February 2005

Princeton-Oxford Cosmology Meeting, March 2005

American Physical Society Meeting, April 2004

NASA Hunstville World Year of Physics Conference, April 2005

SLAC Summer School in Physics, Summary Lecturer, Aug 2005

100 Years in Physics Conference, Singapore, Aug 2005

International Conference on Physics Education, Delhi Sept 2005

APS Nuclear Physics Conference, Hawaii, Oct 2005

International Conference on Humanism, NY, Nov 2005

Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference, Canada, Nov 2005

Inaugural Kavli Instiitute New Views of the Universe Conference, University of Chicago, Opening Lecture, Dec 2005

Aspen Center for Physics Winter School Jan 2006

III International Workshop on : NO-VE, Neutrino Ocillations in Venice, Venice, Italy, Feb 2006

Sources and Detection of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe, UCLA, Feb 2006

Michigan State Science Teachers Conference, Feb. 2006

Confronting Gravity, St. Thomas, USVI, March 2006

NES APS and AAPT Conference, Boston University, March 2006

Texas A&M Forefront of Physics Meeting, April 2006

Hadron Collider Physics Symposium, Duke University, May 2006

Communicating Science and Technology, Tromso Norway, June 2006

Neutrino 2006, Santa Fe, NM, June 2006

Ideas Festival, Aspen Institute, Aspen CO, July 2006

Under the Spell of Physics, Vlieland, The Netherlands, July 2006

Banff Center, Science Communication, Aug 2006

Max Delbruck Fest, Cold Spring Harbor Lab, Aug 2006

Evolution and Faith, Marist College, Oct 2006

Beyond Belief, Salk Institute, Nov 2006

Science and Society, Boston, Jan 2007

AAAS Annual Meeting, February 2007

Open Questions in Cosmology, Imperial College, UK, March 2007

APS Annual Meeting, April, 2007

Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, San Francisco, April 2007

American Physiological Society, Washngton. April 2007

Dark Matter Workshop, Fermilab, May 2007

New Horizons at Colliders, Brookhaven National Laboratory, May 2007

European Conference of Science and Technology Museums, Lisbon, June 2007

Canadian Association of Physicists National Meeting, Saskatoon, June 2007

Idea City, Toronto, June 2007

Workshoip on Supernovae, Aspen, June 2007

Science and Media Conference, Aspen, July 2007

Ideas Festival, Aspen, July 2007

Fundamental Questions, FQXI Meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland, July 2007

Chalonge Meeting on Cosmology, Paris, August 2007

NASA Thermal and Fluids Workshop, Cleveland, Sept 2007

International Conference on Science and Humanism, Beijing, Oct 2007

Genoa Science Festival, Oct 2007

Kshitij, Kharapur India Jan 2008

American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting, Boston Feb 2008

Science and Religion workshop , Aspen Institute, March 2008

American Atheists Association, Minneapolis, March 2008

American Chemical Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, President’s Session 2008

Trieste Science Media Festival, April 2008

Space Telescope Science Institute Meeting on Dark Energy, Baltimore May 2008

World Science Festival, NY, May 2008

Fermilab Workshop of Gravitational Waves and Polarization, Fermilab June 2008

Chalonge Meeting on Cosmology, Paris, July 2008

Cosmo 08, Madison Wisconsin, Keynote speaker, Aug 2008

Sea of Faith Conference, Melbourne Australia, Sept 2008

Science and Public Policy, Minneapolis Innovation Meeting, Oct 2008

Beyond Belief, Salk Institute, San Diego, Oct 2008

Canadian Undergraduate Physics Association, Oct 2008

Tokyo Meeting in Honor of K. Sato, Nov 2008

Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics, Plenary Speaker, Dec 2008

UNESCO International Year of Astronomy Inaugural Meeting, Plenary Speaker, Jan 2009

AAAS Annual Meeting, Speaker, Feb 2009

AAPT Annual Meeting, Speaker, Feb 2009

Inaugural Origins Symposium, Phoenix, April 2009

Fifth International School on Field Theory and Gravitation, Brazil, April 2009

Physics and the Universe, San Paolo, May 2009

IAU International Symposium, Rio de Janiero, Aug 2009

Institute of Cosmology 20th Anniversary Meeting on Cosmology, Talloires, France, Aug 2009

Atheist Allliance International Plenary Speaker, October 2009

Penn Center for Astroparticle Physics Inaugural Symposium, Dec 2009

Physics of the Universe Conference, Caltech Jan 2010

Doomsday Clock Symposium, Jan 2010

Unsolved Problems in Gravity Jan 2010

Origins of Human Uniqueness and Behavioral Modernity Feb 2010

Rightful Place of Science May 2010

Origins of Morality Nov 2010

Origins of Life: the RNA World Revisited Feb 2011

Origins Science and Culture Festival April 2011

The Amazing Meeting July 2011

Club COSMOS August 2011

Ultimo Science Festival August 2011

Singularity Summit August 2011

Denkfest September 2011

Peace Bar Festival October 2011

Science Teller Festival November 2011

Doomsday Clock Symposium January 2012

Darwin Week, The University of Northern Iowa, February 2012

AAAS Annual Meeting February 2012

Reason Rally March 2012

American Atheists National Convention March 2012

Global Atheists Convention April 2012

ISHLT Annual Meeting April 2012

Vanity Fair Tribute To Christopher Hitchens April 2012

Annual Health Disparities Leadership Summit April 2012

Auckland Writers & Readers Festival May 2012

Atheists Alliance International North American Convention May 2012

World Science Festival May 2012

Aspen Ideas Festival July 2012

Aspen Center for Physics July 2012

The Amazing Meeting July 2012

Canberra Skeptics September 2012

The Big Band and the interfaces of knowledge towards a common language October 2012

Origins of Deception October 2012

Math for America October 2012

Sky & Telescope Cosmic Trails 5 Cruise November 2012

World Economic Forum January 2013

Climate Change Workshop February 2013

Question, Explore, Discover April 2013

Sydney Writer's Festival May 2013

HowTheLightGetsIn2013 May 2013

Oklahoma Freethought Convention June 2013

Conference in Honour of the 90th Birthday of Freeman Dyson August 2013

The Nobel Conference September 2013

The New Yorker Festival October 2013

Smart Festival October 2013

ECAR Annual Meeting January 2014

Great Debate Parallel Realities: Probing Fundamental Physics February 2014

AAAS Annual Meeting February 2014

American Physical Society Annual Meeting February 2014

IB Asia Pacific Annual Conference 2014 March 2014

Great Debate: Transcending Our Origins April 2014

NECSS Conference April 2014

AFO Festival April 2014

HowTheLightGetsIn Festival April 2014

Galapagos Voyage June 2014

CFI Galapagos Archipelago June 2014

BrisScience Talk August 2014

The Victorian Skeptics August 2014

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions September 2014

Zocalo Public Square: Can Science Fiction Revolutionize Science? September 2014

Apostacon September 2014

FreeFlow 2014 October 2014

La Ciudad de las Ideas November 2014

Australian Institute of Physics Congress December 2014

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2015, January 2015

Great Debate Extinctions: Tragedy to Opportunity, February 2015

AFO Festival, April 2015

American Humanist Association Annual Conference, May 2015

HowTheLightGetsIn, May 2015

Skeptics Conference, May 2015

Imagine No Religion 5, June 2015

ISS2015, June 2015

The Non-Conference, August 2015

ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration Discover Lecture Series, August 2015

La Ciudad de las Ideas, November 2015

Union Theological Society, November 2015

Scientific Controversies with Janna Levin, November 2015

Devoxx Belgium, November 2015

Science and Adventure in Antarctica, December 2015

Einstein’s Legacy, Celebrating 100 Years of General Relativity: An Origins Project

Panel, January 2016

Trondheim Science Week, March 2016

Origins of the Future, April 2016

HowTheLightGetsIn, May 2016

Reason Rally, June 2016

Aspen Ideas Festival, June 2016

SciFoo 2016, July 2016

Frankfurt Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity Conference, September 2016

2016 Blouin Creative Leadership Summit, September 2016

Freedom from Religion National Convention, October 2016

Fysikdagarna Conference, October 2016

Australian Skeptics National Convention, November 2016

Star Trek: The Cruise, January 2017

ReasonCon3, April 2017

Absicon Panel: Managing Earth as a Planet, April 2017

Origins Water Workshop, April 2017

Sydney Writers Festival, May 2017

Hay Festival, May 2017

Imagine No Religion 7, 2017

Auckland Writers Festival, May 2017

Geek Picnic, June 2017

4th European Conference for Science Journalists, June 2017

IEEE International Frequency Control System and European Frequency Time Forum,July 2017

El Cosmos, September 2017

Pennsylvania State Atheist/Humanist Conference, October 2017

Purdue University Northwest Sinai Forum, October 2017

Skepsis Congress, October 2017

Ciudad de las Ideas, November 2017

Lise Meitner Days, November 2017

Origins Amazon Cruise, January 2018

Doomsday Clock Announcement, January 2018

CajaCanarias, March 2019

Origins Project Foundation Mekong River Cruise, January 2020

Major Public Lectures

Nesbitt Lecture, Carleton University, Nov 1988;

Museum of Natural History/ New York Astronomical Society Lecture, Dec 1989;

National Air and Space Museum, Opening Lecture

Hughes-Danbury Series, Feb 1990;

New York Open Center---Visions of the 21st Century Series, NYU, Oct. 1990;

15 Sigma Xi National Lectures 1991-93;

Wheeler Opera House, Aspen CO, Jan 1992:

Museum of Natural History, Explorer Series Cleveland Ohio, May 1994;

Smithsonian-Associates, Department of the Interior, Washington 1995;

Wheeler Opera House, Aspen CO, Jan 1996;

U.C. Berkeley Feb 1996:

Cincinnati Museum of Natural History March 1996,

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto April 1996:

Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland May 1996;

Smithsonian Institution, Washington Aug 1996;

Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Aug 1996;

Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, Oct 1996;

Howard Hughes Lecture, Case Western Reserve University Oct 1996;

University of Minnesota Nov 1996;

Ontario Science Centre, Toronto CANov 1996;

Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, CA, Feb 97

CERN, March 1997

Museum of Innovation, San Jose California, April 97

U.S. Coast Guard Academy, April 1997

Great Lakes Science Center, May 1997

Citta della Scienzia, Napoli, June 1997

Hays Lecture, Oberlin College, Sept 1997

Glover Lecture, Dickinson College PA., Sept. 1997

Cal State University at Long Beach, Odyssey Program Sept 1997

Cleveland Museum of Natural History 1997.

Hayden Planetarium, Nov 1997

Smithsonian Insitution, Washington, Nov 1997

Commencement Address, Hiram College, May 1998

Jodrell Bank Observatory Sept 1998

Chesley Lectures, Carleton College 1998

Herzfeld Lecture, Catholic University of America, 1998

American Physical Society, Centennial Meeting, Public Lecture 1999

Cleveland Museum of Natural History, 1999

Open Lecture, Irish Science Week, Cork Ireland, 1999

Hendrik de Waard Lecture, Groningen, Holland, 1999

Stark Lecture, University of Arkansas 2000

Vanden Miles Lecturer Wayne State Uinversity 2000

Harvard Millennium Lecture,London U.K. 2000

Edinburgh Science Festival Lecture, Edinburgh, Scotland 2000

Innaugural Asian Physics Olympiad Lecture, Jakarta, Indonesia. 2000

National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC April 2000

Kallen Memorial Symposium, Lund SwedenMay 2000

Keynote Public Lecture, WIPP Center, Carlsbad, NM June 2000

Heinz Pagels Memorial Lecture, Paepke Auditorium, Aspen CO.July 2000

City Club Forum, Cleveland OH, Aug 2000

Narration, The Planets, with Cleveland Orchestra, Blossom Music Center, Ohio 2000

York, United Kingdom Sept. 2000

Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament Concert, Cleveland OH Sept. 2000

Benedum Lecture, West Virginia University, Oct. 2000

Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC2000) Annual Meeting,

Cleveland OH Oct 2000

Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, Palo Alto, Nov. 2000

John Carroll University, Nov 2000

Great Minds Lecture Series, Illinois Math and Science Academy, Aurora IL Dec 2000

Quark Matter 2001, Public Lecture, Brookhaven NY Jan 2001

Rochester Lecture, University of Durham, Feb 2001

Asimov Panelist, Museum of Natural History, NY Feb 2001

Vanderbilt University, March 2001

Rorschach Lecture, Rice University, March 2001

Shell Lecture, Natl Assoc. of Sicence Teachers Annual Meeting, St. Louis, Mar. 2001

Inauguration Lecture, Innauguration of President, Clark University , March 30, 2001

OLeary Distinguished Scientist Lecturer, Gonzaga U. April 2001

Morgan Lecturer, Texas Christian University. April 2001

Malstrom Lecture, Hamline University, St. Paul, Minn, April 2001

Distinguished Author Lecture, Museum of Natural History, NY April 2001

Skeptics Lecture, Caltech, May 2001

National Academy of Science, June 2001

Aspen Center for Physics, July 2001

Snowmass CO July 2001

Lawrence Centenary Lecture, U.C. Berkeley, July 2001

Directors Distinguished Lecture, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, July 2001

2001 University National Colloquium, Ohio Wesleyan University, Sept 2001

Fermi Centennial Lecture, Fermi National Laboratory, Batavia IL Oct, 2001:

People Have the Power Tour, with Ralph Nader, Cleveland OH Oct, 2001:

Keynote Address, Virginia Assoc. of Science Teachers, Richmond VA Nov, 2001:

John Carroll University, Cleveland OH, Nov 2001

Evolution and God Symposium, Allen Theater, Cleveland OH March 2002

Ohio Board of Education, Veterans Auditorium, Columbus OH March 2002

Friedman Lecture, Penn State University, April 2002

City Club, Cleveland, April 2002

Arts and Science Lecture Series, Arts Center, Portland Oregon, May 2002

Gemant Lecture, William and Mary College, Williamsburg VA May 2002

Milton Lecture, Syracuse University, October 2002

Chancellor’s Lecture, Vanderbilt University, October 2002

City Club, Cleveland, Dec 2002.

Perimeter Institute Public Lecture, Waterloo Ontario, Dec 2002

Science and Religion Lecture, John Carroll University, Jan 2003

Science and Journalism Lecture, Carleton University, Feb 2003

KITP Public Lecture, Santa Barbara, March 2003

Waynick Lecture, Penn State University, April 2003

Hamilton Lecture, Princeton University, April 2003

Woods Lecture, Westminster College, May 2003

Explorer Lecture, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, May 2003

European Space Agency, Distinguished Scientist Lecture, Holland, June 2003.

Space Place, Madison Wisconsin, August 2003.

Five College Lecture, U. Mass Amherst Oct 2003

Presidential Lecture, Clark University Nov 2003

Odyssey Lecture, Cal State, Long Beach, Dec 2003

Barnhart Lectures, Coastal Bend College, March 2004

Wilson Distinguished Lecture, Berry College, March 2004

Glicksman Lecture, Brown University, May 2004

Aspen Institute, Beyond Einstein Symposium, Aug 2004

White Dog Cafe, Philadelphia, Sept, 2004

ACLU Annual Likover Lecture, Cleveland Oct. 2004

Evolution and God Symposium, Cleveland Oct 2004

Futures Forum, Cleveland Oct 2004

Samuel Newton Taylor Lecture, Goucher College, Baltimore Nov 2004

AAAS Lecture, Washington Dec 2004

Origins Institute Lecture, McMaster University January 2005

Rudin Distinguished Scholar Lecture, Manhattan Marymount College, NY March 2005

Distinguished Undergraduate Lecture, U.T. Austin, March 2005

Benson Lecture, Miami University, March 2005

NASA Huntsville, World Year of Physics/Millennium 2 lecture, April 2005

World Year of Physics, American Physical Society Public Lecture, April 2005

World Year of Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma Lecture, Wright State, April 2005

Crump Lecture, St. Andrews School, Delaware , April 2005

San Jose Resident Scholar Lecture, San Jose Performing Arts Center, April 2005

Explorer Lecture, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, May 2005

University of Georgia, VP Research Open Forum. June 27,2005

University of Washington/ Wenatchee Confluence Technology Center, Wenatchee,WA, July 6, 2005

Blossom Music Center, Cleveland Orchestra, Holst, The Planets, July 30, 2005

Vancouver British Columbia, Rodgers Lecture American Urology Assoc., Aug 3, 2005

100 Years in Physics, Singapore, Aug 12,2005

International Conference on Physics Education Public Lecture, Delhi, India, Aug 2005

2005 Jonah Lecture, Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB, Canada, Sept 12, 2005

Maui, Hawaii, APS Nucl. Conference Public Lecture, Sept 17, 2005

Visions Colloquium, IBM Yorktown Heights, Oct 4, 2005

St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis, MO, Oct 8, 2005

University Lecture, Rockefeller University, NY, Oct 14, 2005

Center for Inquiry Lecture, New York Academy of Medicine, NY, Oct 18, 2005

Presidential Lecture, Tulsa, OK, Oct 20, 2005

American Enterprise Institute Keynote Address, Washington, DC, Oct 21, 2005

National Council of Science Writers, Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 24, 2005

International Humanism Conference, Amherst, NY, Oct 27, 2005

Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conf, London, Ont, CAN, Oct 28, 2005

Skeptics Society Lecture, Caltech, Pasadena CA Oct 30, 2005

Categorically Not!, Santa Monica CA, Cot 30, 2005

Chicago Il, Kavli Inst. Public Lecture, Nov 3, 2005

World Congress of Science Producers, Tokyo, Japan, Nov 7, 2005

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, Nov 9, 2005

Frontiers of Astronomy, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Nov 10, 2005

World Year of Physics Lecture, Severance Hall, Cleveland OH, Nov 14, 2005

IBM Lecture, Wittenberg College, Springfield, O, Nov 16, 2005

Goethe Institute, Los Angeles, CA, Nov 19, 2005

World Year of Physics Lecture, Kent State University, Nov 29, 2005

Kavli Institute Public Forum on Cosmology, Chicago, Dec 12, 2005

Akron Press Club, Jan 5, 2006

Wheeler Opera House, Aspen Winter Series, Aspen CO, January 24, 2006

Colorado College, Feb 2, 2006

The City Club, Cleveland, Feb 3, 2006

Cleveland Museum of Art, Feb 25, 2006

Lower Columbia College, March 13, 2006

St. Thomas, USVI, March 15, 2006

College of New Jersey, March 28, 2006

Wagner College, Staten Island, March 29, 2006

Asimov Memorial Debate, American Museum of Natural History, March 29, 2006

Bob Dole Center, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, April 4, 2006

Kalamazoo College, Michigan, April 11, 2006

Texas A&M University, April 15, 2006

Duke University, May 23, 2006

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, July 25, 2006

Seattle Town Hall, Sept 7, 2006

Yale University, Sept 14, 2006

University of Colorado Boulder, Sept 22, 2006

SUNY Binghamton, Oct 13, 2006

Marist College, Oct 21, 2006

Vanderbilt University, Oct 30, 2006

Cleveland Orchestra, Severance Hall, Cleveland, Dec 8-10, 2006

Rowfant Club, Cleveland OH, Dec 20, 2006

Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Jan 14, 2007

Nashville Unitarian Church, Feb 28, 2007

University of Kansas, March 12, 2007

TV of Tomorrow, San Francisco, March 13, 2007

Allegheny College, NY, March 15, 2007

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, March 28, 2007

Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA, April 7, 2007

Dyer Observatory Exploration Night, Nashville, TN, April 25, 2007

Veritas First Light Festival, Tucson AZ, April 26, 2007

St. Olaf College, May 4, 2007

Rally For Reason, Petersburg, KY, May 28, 2007

Brookhaven National Laboratory, May 30, 2007

Caltech, June 2, 2007

IdeaCity, Toronto, June 19, 2007

Ideas Festival, Aspen CO July 2-5, 2008

UCLA, July 29, 2007

Center for Inquiry, Cleveland Aug 1, 2007

Concordia University, Oct 18, 2007

Genoa Science Festival, Nov 2, 2007

Arizona State University Beyond Center, Nov 8, 2007

Smithsonian Institution, Jan 17, 2008

IIT, Kharagpur, India, Feb 1, 2008

University of Arkansas Centennial Lecture, Feb 7, 2008

American Enterprise Institute, Washington DC Feb 11, 2008

Michigan State University Distinguished Lecture, April 10, 2008

Trieste Science Festival, April 20, 2008

University of Zurich, May 19, 2008

U.C. Davis, June 3, 2008

Great Lakes Science Center, June 4, 2008

Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland OH July 26, 2008

City Club, Cleveland OH Aug 13, 2008

Sea of Faith, Melbourne Australia Sept 20, 2008

Templeton Lecture, Sydney Australia Sept 23, 2008

Creative Nonfiction, Pittsburgh, PA Oct 3, 2008

Beyond Belief, La Jolla CA Oct 4, 2008

Center for Inquiry, Portland OR Oct 15, 2008

Canadian Undergraduate Physics, Toronto Canada Oct 19, 2008

Science and Public Policy, Minneapolis MN Oct 21, 2008

Hampshire College, Amherst MA Oct 23, 2008

New York State Teachers Convention, Albany, NY Nov 3, 2008

La Ciudad de las Ideas, Puebla, Mexico Nov 6, 2008

Fort Worth Texas, Nov 7, 2008

UNESCO Inaugural meeting, International Year of Astronomy, Astonomy anD Culture, Paris,France, Jan 19, 2009

Darwinfest Minisymposium, Revolutionary Ideas, ASU, Tempe,AZ, Feb 12. 2009

Purdue University, Feb 16 2009

Middlebury College April 2009

New School, NY April 2009

University of Zurich, June 2009

World Science Festival, June 2009

Moonfest, NASA Ames, July 2009

Division of Particles and Fields Annual Meeting, Detroit July 2009

Australian National Science Week, National Lecturer, Aug 2009

Face2Face Interview, Oct 2009

Perimeter Institute, Quarks to the Cosmos Oct 2009

CFI National Cruise, Nov 2009

Scientific American Cruise, Dec 2009

Todd Lecture, Butler University, Feb 2010

Woods Lecture, Norwich University, Feb 2010

Beattie Lecture, McGill University, Mar 2010

Dunedin, New Zealand Mar 2010

University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ Mar 2010

Stockholm, April 2010

World Science Festival, May 2010

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, July 2010

Australian National University, Sept 2010

Smith Lecture, Davidson College, Oct 2010

University of Alberta and Telos Science Center, Edmonton, Alberta, Sept 2010

30th Anniversary Secular Humanism National Conference, Los Angeles, Oct 2010

National Association of Montessori Teachers Keynote Address, Baltimore, Oct 2010

Southern Oregon University, Oct 2010

University of Maryland, A Matter of Origins Nov 2010

Arizona State University, Great Debate Nov 2010

Light in Winter Festival, Ithaca Jan 2011

World Economic Forum, Davos Jan 2011

Arizona State University, Great Debate Feb 2011

Australia National University Feb 2011

North Carolina State University, March 2011

Chicago Public Library, April 2011

American Atheists National Convention, April 2011

California Institute of Technology, April 2011

American Physical Society, May 2011

Center for Inquiry Cruise, May 2011

Australian National University, June 2011

Curtin University, June 2011

Miegunyah Lecture August 2011

Oslo University Lecture September 2011

School of Life Lecture October 2011

Scientific American’s Bright Horizons Cruise October 2011

Smithsonian Lecture January 2012

Caltech Lecture January 2012

National Capital Area Skeptics Talk January 2012

Ethical Humanists Society of Philadelphia January 2012

Museum of Natural History Lecture January 2012

ASU Origins Project, February 2012

Center for Inquiry, Calgary, February 2012

Irving K. Barber Lecture, University of British Columbia, February 2012

The Little-Franklin Lecture, Auburn University, March 2012

Chautauqua Institution, July 2012

Australian Institute of Physics August 2012

London School of Economics and Political Science, September 2012

New College of the Humanities, September 2012

A Universe from Nothing in Amsterdam September 2012

Lewes Skeptics in the Pub September 2012

Portsmouth Lecture October 2012

The Great Debate: The Origins of Deception October 2012

United States Naval Academy December 2012

Intelligence Squared Debate, Science Refutes God December 2012

UCSB Sage Center Lecture December 2012

Medical Health Physics Society January 2013

The Smithsonian January 2013

The Great Debate: Climate Change, Surviving the Future February 2013

Williams College February 2013

ANITA February 2013

Science and Film Lecture February 2013

TheBIGDebates – Islam or Science February 2013

Oxford Union Debate March 2013

Kit Kat Club March 2013

Royal Swedish Academy March 2013

Montana State University March 2013

Science, Myth, Reality: the Unbelievers Panel Discussion March 2013

The Storytelling of Science March 2013

University of Texas at Austin April 2013

University of Bergen April 2013

University of Manchester April 2013

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study April 2013

University of New Orleans April 2013

Australia National University July 2013

Life, The Universe, and Nothing - A three-part conversation August 2013

Carleton University September 2013

The Royal Institution October 2013

Het Denkgelag Royale October 2013

University of South Florida November 2013

UC San Francisco November 2013

Canberra Skeptics Lecture December 2013

University of Wisconsin February 2014

United World College of South East Asia March 2014

University of Alabama April 2014

DAI- Heidelberg October 2014

Astrophysics Research Center, Queen's University Belfast October 2014

Origins Project Dialogue: Alda and Krauss, January 2015

A Passion for Science and Reason: An Evening with Richard Dawkins and Lawrence

Krauss, January 2015

Origins Project Dialogue: Life and the Universe, February 2015

Origins Project Dialogue: Randomness and Uncertainty, February 2015

Nebraska Wesleyan University, March 2015

Chomsky and Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue, March 2015

For Thought Origins Lecture at Sydney Opera House, June 2015

For Thought Origins Lecture at The Wheeler Centre, June 2015

Singer and Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue, October 2015

University of Helsinki, November 2015

New College of the Humanities, March 2016

Depp and Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue, March 2016

Wycliffe College, March 2016

DiChristina and Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue, April 2016

SpaceX, April 2016

Coalition for Excellence in Science and Math Education, June 2016

Political Bodies: Sex, Gender, & Reproductive Rights, September 2016

New College for the Humanities East Coast Lecture, October 2016

Origins Project Conversation: Inconvenient Truths – From Love to Extinction, October 2016

Swedish Humanist Association, October 2017

TIFF Trek Talks, November 2016

New College of the Humanities, December 2016

How to Academy, December 2016

Origins Project Lecture: Materiality of a Vacuum, January 2017

British Humanist Association Darwin Day Lecture, February 2017

Origins Project Great Debate: The Future of Artificial Intelligence – Who’s in Control?, February 2017

University of Alaska, March 2017

Phoenix Public Library, March 2017

Freethought Society, March 2017

New York Public Library, March 2017

Smithsonian, March 2017

North Carolina State University, March 2017

Triangle Freethought Society, March 2017

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, March 2017

Skeptics Science Salon, March 2017

Center for Inquiry, March 2017

A Science Affair, April 2017

Powell’s City of Book, April 2017

Spirit of the Senses Salon, April 2017

Changing Hands Bookstore, April 2017

Town Hall Seattle, April 2017

Google Kirkland Campus, April 2017

Origins Conversation with Fisher Stevens, April 2017

Origins Conversation with Werner Herzog and Jeffrey Sachs, April 2017

An Evening with Lawrence Krauss - Vancouver, May 2017

An Evening with Lawrence Krauss - Melbourne, May 2017

An Evening with Lawrence Krauss - Canberra, May 2017

An Evening with Lawrence Krauss - Sydney, May 2017

An Evening with Lawrence Krauss & Matt Dillahunty, June 2017

Lawrence Krauss: "The Greatest Story Ever Told- So Far", June 2017

Lawrence Krauss in conversation with Jim Al-Khalill, July 2017

Origins Project Lecture: Dark Matters with Lawrence Krauss, November 2017

Great Debate: Climate Change, November 2017

A Celebration of Science and Reason -- New York City, January 2018

Day of Knowledge, Mexico City, September 2018

Day of Knowledge, Aguascalientes, Mexico, October 2018

German American Institute, International Science Festival, October