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Positions, Offices & Memberships

Positions, Offices, Memberships, etc. (since 1977)

1977 Board of Directors, Canadian Assoc. of Physicists

1981-83, 89- Member (Life), American Physical Society

1983 APS Forum on Physics and Society Awards Cmte.

1985-87 Yale University Course of Study Committee

1987 Convenor, Lewes Center Summer Meeting on Cryogenic Detection Neutrinos and Dark Matter

1988-91 Sigma Xi-Committee on Lectureships

1988- Co-organizer, Yale Workshop on Cosmic Strings

1988 Convenor- Cosmology and Astrophysics, APS Particles and Fields Conference 1988

1989 Program Committee, International Conference on Particles and Nuclei

1989 Co-organizer, Yale Workshop on the Cosmic Microwave Background

1989 Member, Panel on Particles of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Survey Committee

1992 Co-organizer, Texas Meeting on Baryon NumberViolation at the Weak Scale.

1992 Director,Association of Yale Alumni Program: The Legacy of Newton

1992 Co-organizer, Aspen Workshop on Gravitational Lensing in Cosmology.

1992 Organizing committee, Colliding Beam Conference, Yale University Oct 2-3 1992

1992- Program Committee Member, Moriond meetings on Electroweak Interactions,

1993 Organizer,Case Meeting on New Physics at New Facilities,Oct 15-17 1993

1994 Organizer,CWRU Workshop: CMB Two Years after COBE, April 22-24, 1994

1994- Executive Committee, Board of Trustees, Friends, Cleveland School for the Arts

1995 Organizer, Aspen Center for Physics Workshop on Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

1995 Member Exhibits Committee, Great Lakes Science Center Board of Trustees

1995- Member, American Astronomical Society

1995-1998 Member, Faculty Senate of Case Western Reserve University

1995- Board of Trustees, Great Lakes Science Center

1995-1997 Organizing Committee, International Conference on Sources and Detection of Dark Matter

1995- Member, New York Academy of Sciences

1995- Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science

1997 Organizing Committee, Early Universe Physics, England 1997

1997-2000 Executive Committee , Division of Astrophysics, American Physical Society

1997-98 InfoWorld Futures Project Advisory Board

1997- Odyssey Magazine, Advisory Board

1997- Review Panel, M.I.T. Curriculum on Science and Communication

1998 Organizing Committee, Sheffield International Workshop on Dark Matter Detection

1997-98 Search Committee, Vice-President for Research, Case Western Reserve University.

1998- General Member, Board, Aspen Center for Physics

1998-2000 Editor, Modern Physics Letter A

1998-2000 Editor, Int. Journal of Modern Physics

1998- Chair, Exhibits Committee, Great Lakes Science Center Board of Trustees

1998- Executive Commitee , Great Lakes Science Center Board of Trustees

1999- Organizing Committee, International Conference on Sources and Detection of Dark Matter

1999 Co-Organizer, Aspen Workshop on the Cosmological Constant

1999- Fellow, American Physical Society.

1999-2000 Organizing Committee, DPF 2000 meeting

1999-2000 Co-Organizer, Aspen Workshop on Dark Matter.

2000-2001 CWRU, University Stakeholders Committee

2000-2002 American Physical Society,Panel on Public Affairs.

2000 International Advisory Committee, International Conference on Dark Matter Detection.

2001 Advisory Committee, Physics Potential of Supernova Neutrino Detection Meeting, UCLA Feb 2001

2001- Board of Advisors, The Skeptics Society

2001 Convenor, Frontiers of Physics Meeting, Vanderbilt Tenn, March 2001

2001 Chair, Pagels Lecture Committee, Aspen Center for Physics.

2002 International Advisory Committee, International Conference on Dark Matter Detection.

2002 Board of Directors, Ohio Citizens for Science

2002 Member, HEPAP Public Outreach Panel

2002- Trustee, Board of Trustees, Cleveland Museum of Natural History

2002 Chair, President’s Commission on Graduate Education and Research, CWRU

2002- Fellow, Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal

2002 Coordinator, Teachers Conference on Cosmology, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara

2003-2006 Gemant Award Committee, AIP.

2003- Board of Advisors, and Guidance Committee, Science Fiction Experience, Seattle Washington

2003 Grand Judging Co-Chair, Physics, Intel Science and Engineering International Science Fair

2003 Aspen Center for Physics Colloquium Chair.

2003 Scientific Advisory Committee, SciPart’03

2003 Lilienfeld Prize Committee, APS

2003- Board of Directors, TalkingScience

2003- Board of Directors, Faststart LLC

2003- Board of Directors, Faststart Foundation

2002 Gemant Prize Committee, AIP

2004- Commentator, American Public Media’s Marketplace

2004-5 Scientific Program Planning Committee, West Quad, Case Western Reserve University Medical School

2004- ACLU Board of Trustees, Cleveland

2004-5 Chair, Advisory Committee on Research Computing, Information Technology Services, CWRU

2004-5 Strategic Planning Review Coordinator, Department of Chemistry, CWRU.

2004 Aspen Institute, Executive Seminar

2004 NSF Physics Education Grant Review Panelist

2004-5 Aspen Center for Physics, Public Lecture Committee

2005 Jury Member, Sundance Film Festival

2005 Elected, Chair-Elect, APS Forum on Physics and Society

2005- Board of Advisors, Defcon(Defense of the Constitution).org

2005 APS Burton and Szilard Award Committee

2005- Commentator, NPR’s All Things Considered

2006- Chair-Elect, Physics Division, American Association for the Advancement of Science

2006 International Advisory Board, International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics

2006- Chair, Advisory Board, Help Ohio Public Schools

2006-2009 Board of Sponsors, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

2006- National Advisory Board, Office of Public Policy, Center for Inquiry

2006- National Advisory Board, Scientists and Engineers for America

2007- NASA Primordial Polarization Program Definition Team

2007- Scientific Organizing Committee, International Astronomical Union Symposium, Astronomy and Society.

2007 Scientific Organizing Committee, Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics.

2007- Steering Committee, Science Debate 2008.

2008 Science Advisory Committee, Barack Obama Presidential Campaign

2009- Panel on Public Affairs, American Physical Society

2009-2018 Chair, Board of Sponsors, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

2009 Advisory Board, Dark Matter International Workshop

2009-2018 Chair, Board of Directors, Science Friday Foundation.

2010-2015 Board of Directors, Federation of American Scientist

2011 International Advisory Committee, Identification of Dark Matter Conference

2011 Honorary Board Member, Board of Directors, Center for Inquiry

2012-2018 Board of Directors Center for Inquiry

2012 Physics Editorial Board for the College Access Project

2012 Forum on Physics & Society Executive Committee

2013 Chair, Board of Governors, Australia-New Zealand Institute of Theoretical Physics

2013 Member, International Academy of Humanists

2015-2019 Board of Experts, Federation of American Scientists

2016-2018 Honorary Board Member, Freedom from Religion Foundation

2016-2018 Advisory Committee, Breakthrough Starshot

2019- Member, Darwin Xenon Dark Matter Experiment Collaboration

2020 Advisory Council of Atheist Alliance International

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