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The Place with Michael Camp and Dr. Lawrence Krauss

What if Compassionism were the norm. And what if we could remain in flux, not toward an end game of perfectionism, but simply ones being committed to a process, not a conclusion. In that world, reconciliation would be a two way street, adaptive and reasonable, i.e., where both sides of the same coin could work it all out. If you would like to support Compassionism, then here's the link:

After the show, Jones said, "I can't imagine science without a Dr. Krauss...And I can't perceive why an honest theist would dismiss his finds. So, if we put the rhetoric of atheism versus theism to the side and started listening to minds that function so well, we might make some progress that actually counts." As Jones was leaving the studio, he stated, "Physicists like Krauss have a much better understanding of life and principles than any of the ancient authors of the bible, and unfortunately, most theists are ignoring that fact."

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