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Lawrence Krauss awarded “The Roma Award Urbs Universalis 2013”

In conjunction with the upcoming 14th edition of the “Premio Roma” – international literature Rome Award, on behalf of the City of Rome, Prof. Lawrence M. Krauss will receive “The Roma Award Urbs Universalis 2013”.

The “Premio Roma” is one of the major literary award in Italy from fourtheen years. The Award has 3 sections: International Fiction, Italian Fiction and International Non-Fiction. “The Roma Award Urbs Universalis” of which Prof. Lawrence M. Krauss is the Winner, is assigned by the jury to a person who has acquired special merits in the international arena. The award, given directly by the Mayor of Rome, was granted in recent years to Nobel Prize winners, scientists, engineers and musicians of international caliber such as: Carlo Rubbia, Umberto Veronesi, Rita Levi Montalcini, Franco Mandelli, Salvatore Accardo, Uto Ughi, Maximilian Schell, and the astronaut Roberto Vittori.

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