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Atom: A Single Oxygen Atom’s Journey from the Big Bang to Life on Earth…and Beyond



Barnes & Noble

The story of matter and the history of the cosmos–from the perspective of a single oxygen atom–is told with the insight and wit of one of the most dynamic physicists and writers working today.


*Surpassing even Blake’s vision of the world in a grain of sand, Krauss offers readers the entire cosmos in a mere atom…"

- Booklist

"In April we look forward to an amazing look at a single oxygen atom in Lawrence M Krauss’s Atom."


"Lawrence Krauss wants us to hold science in our grasp, to feel the wonder of it and see what it means to our lives…."

- Plain Dealer

"Starting with one atom of oxygen that arises as an effect of the big bang , Krauss, chairman of physics at Case Western Reserve University, weaves a tale that reads as compellingly as a good novel…"

- Scientific American

"...Based on our combined knowledge of particle physics, nuclear physics, cosmology, astrophysics, astronomy, chemistry, astrobiology and other fields, modern science allows us to write down just such a diary. One could, for example, ask a dozen experts in these fields to trace back the world-line of our oxygen atom, until it hits the darkness at the very start of the universe. However, this is unnecessary. All we need to do is to ask Lawrence Krauss to do it…."

- Physics Web

"If your thirst for knowledge does happen to be universal, however,… pick up Lawrence Krauss’s Atom…the standard of writing in Atom is perhaps even higher than in his 1995 bestseller, The Physics of Star Trek…"

- Guardian

"…. the entire book should be required reading for all SF writers and indeed all SF readers…."

- BookLoons

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