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Baryon Number Violation at the Electroweak Scale

edited with S-J Ray

World Scientific Publishing

The Table of Contents for the book is as follows:

  • Introduction

  • Section I: An Overview

  • An Overview of the Issues Related to High Energy Electroweak Baryon Number Violation

  • Electroweak Baryogenesis: An Overview (Where Are We Now?)

  • Baryon and Lepton Number Violation in the Standard Model at High Energy

  • Section II: Baryon Number Violation at High Temperature; The Electroweak Phase Transition and Baryogenesis

  • Comment on Thermal Sphaleron Transitions

  • Progress in the Theory of the Electroweak Phase Transition

  • Infrared Effects and Bubble Propagation at the Electroweak Phase Transition

  • Finite Temperature Effective Actions

  • Complex Effective Potentials and Critical Bubbles

  • Remarks on the Electroweak Phase Transition

  • Baryogenesis from Anomalous Weak Interactions at the Weak Phase Transition

  • Section III: Baryon Number Violation at High Energy: Calculational Schemes

  • High Energy Instantons: How They Are Reflected in Large Orders of Perturbation Theory

  • Singular Euclidean Solutions and Multiparticle Production

  • Model for Exact Unitary Multiparticle Amplitudes in Field Theory

  • Limitations of the Valley Method and Its Implications for High Energy Scattering

  • Multiparticle Production in λϕ4 Theory with Weak Coupling

  • High Energy Anomalous Scattering: Is It Semiclassical?

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