Name: Lawrence M. Krauss

Born: May 27, 1954; New York City

Citizenship: U.S.A., Canada

Married: 2014 to Nancy Dahl

Children: Lillian, born Nov. 23, 1984

Santal (step-daughter), born Aug. 14, 2000

Current Positions

President, The Origins Project Foundation

Host, The Origins Podcast


Mailing Address

The Origins Project Foundation

P.O. Box  10632

Phoenix AZ 85064


B.Sc. First Class Honours, Mathematics and Physics, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, 1977

Ph.D. Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1982

Honorary Degrees and Fellowships

Fellow, American Physical Society

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

D.Sc. Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, 2003

Major Research Areas and Activities

Theoretical Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology, including studies of the early universe, neutrino astrophysics, dark matter, dark energy, quantum field theory and gravity, black holes, stellar evolution, nucleosynthesis, eschatology.

Science and Society/Public Policy: Science Education, Science Writing, Public School Science Curricula, Science and Religion, Scientific Integrity in Government, Missile Defense, Nuclear Proliferation, Science and Pseudoscience


1982-85 Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fell...

Positions, Offices, Memberships, etc. (since 1977)

1977 Board of Directors, Canadian Assoc. of Physicists

1981-83, 89- Member (Life), American Physical Society

1983 APS Forum on Physics and Society Awards Cmte.

1985-87 Yale University Course of Study Committee

1987 Convenor, Lewes Center Summer Meeting on Cryogenic Detection Neutrinos and Dark Matter

1988-91 Sigma Xi-Committee on Lectureships

1988- Co-organizer, Yale Workshop on Cosmic Strings

1988 Convenor- Cosmology and Astrophysics, APS Particles and Fields Conference 1988

1989 Program Committee, Inter...

Major Awards

1984 First Prize Award, Gravity Research Foundation

1986 Presidential Young Investigator Award

1997 Glover Award for Distinction in Physics Achievement and Physics Education, Dickenson College, PA.

2000Award for Public Understanding of Science and Technology, American Association for the Advancement of Science. Citation: For global impact as a science communicator and the ability to maintain an active science career while writing several books about physics for the general public.

2001 Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize, American Physical Soci...

University or Laboratory Colloquia (does not include seminars)

Harvard University 1983

California Institute of Technology 1984

Stanford University 1984

U. Mass Amherst 1984

MIT 1984

Institute for Theoretical Physics-UCSB 1984

SLAC 1985

U.C. Santa Barbara 1985

CITA-Toronto 1985


DAO-Victoria 1985

University of Chicago 1985

Brookhaven Laboratory 1986

New York University 1987

Stanford University 1987

University of Illinois 1987

Brown University 1987

University of Chicago 1987

MIT 1987

Ecole Polytechnique 1988

LBL 1988

Arizona, 1988

U.C. Irvine,1988

Michigan 1989


Major Television Productions

Dark Matter in the Universe, BBC Antenna 1989

Escape from Earth, Discovery 1995

The Science of Star Trek, BBC and Discovery, 1995

Aliens, Are We Alone, Discovery 1995

Mysteries of the Universe, NOVA 1998

Universe 2001, Discovery and The Learning Channel 1999

Voyage to Mars, The Learning Channel 1999

The Final Frontier, BBC 2000-2001

Discovering the Universe, NHK 2001

How William Shatner Changed the World, Discovery, Mentorn Productions, 2005

Black Holes, Horizon, BBC, 2005

National Geographic “Naked Science:, Space Travel 2005


Science Education

I have maintained a strong interest in science education at all levels, and had extensive teaching experience-from a university level to lectures for the general public. While still a student I worked with the Ontario Science Center, giving public demonstrations, and training staff there. At M.I.T. I ran a live phone-in T.V. program on physics for undergraduates, and was nominated for a teaching award for instruction during a semester in which I received the highest teaching evaluation score in the undergraduate course guide. Dur...

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